Saturday, 2 October 2010

Reflecions of the Summer

1st October brrrrr is this autumn? Feels more like winter is well and truly here and time to reflect on what has happened since I wrote my last blog.

All in all it’s been a busy summer with some new and exciting developments with Absolute Energy.

I was approached by the International Therapist Magazine to write an article about Peer Massage, more from the prospective as a therapist as opposed to an academic essay about the massage. The result of the publication have been astounding with so many therapists getting in touch with me, MISA and Child2Child wanting to do the training. Comments like ‘ I found it inspirational –thank you, and I’m looking forward to a new challenge. Had me totally dumbfounded, I never expected such a reaction-it really was brilliant.

On the back of that I did my first Child2Child Practitioner Training for six Therapists in August.

The day was long and hard but everyone got so much out of it and they are now hopefully contacting schools in their local area spreading the word about C2C Peer Massage Programme.

I have been into one school so far this term with several others wanting to take part but funding for schools has been dramatically cut so they are struggling to find the money and are somewhat reluctant to spend at the moment. So lots of number crunching going on but keep fingers crossed so they can get us in.

I have continued to work one day a week at Contact in Morpeth- a mental health drop in centre. No Hands Massage has been a godsend and has added a dimension to my work that I thought I would never do again. Work Both Clients and their carer's can access the service and have as many treatments as they need and the results have been brilliant. Clients have experienced benefits both immediately and long lasting showing improvements in physical, emotional and physiological wellbeing.

Contact is a charity and again as is everyone struggling for money so rounds of bids have gone in to find funding to make the Massage a sustainable programme.

Why do I seem to spend so much time with fingers crossed waiting for funding?

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